How to set up YouTube TV family sharing

How to set up YouTube TV family sharing – If you have a YouTube TV subscription, you can use YouTube TV’s family sharing feature (also known as YouTube TV family groups) to share this subscription with up to 5 family members. Once the family group is created, you will be the family manager. In this article, you will learn how to set up YouTube TV family sharing, add or remove members, and the requirements and limitations of this service.

How to set up YouTube TV family sharing
How to set up YouTube TV family sharing

YouTube TV Family Group Requirements

There are some limitations to how the YouTube TV family group works.

  • The family members you invite must be at least 13 years old.
  • The family manager must be at least 18 years old and have a Google account.
  • You and your family must live in the United States.
  • No one in your family group cannot be part of another family group.

Also, YouTube TV is for regular Google account holders only, and if you’ve signed up for a G Suite account, you won’t be able to create a family group.

How to create a family group

To set up a family group, you just need to set the home location and add family members to the group.

1. Access your YouTube TV account, select your profile picture, and select settings.

2. Select Family Sharing from the left menu of the Settings window.

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3. Select Continue walking through the wizard to create a family group.

4. Go through the wizard to invite each family member by email address and select Send.

5. When done, a confirmation message will appear. Select Go to YouTube TV to get started!

Your Google Family Group is now ready for you to start using YouTube TV when you have added your family members by following the steps below.

How to add and remove family members

If you didn’t add all of your family members when you created the group and you want to invite more, follow the steps below.

1. Sign in to your YouTube TV account and go to the Family Sharing settings page.

2. Select the managed link.

3. To add a new family member, select Invite a family member. Existing family members will already appear in the list.

4. Add the email address of the family member you want to invite. If they are in the Google contact list, you will see them in the email field. Select the family contact to add them.

5. Select Send to send the email invitation to this family member.

If you are a family member who has received an invitation, follow the instructions in the email link to join the family group.

How to leave or delete a family group

  • Access your YouTube TV account, select your profile photo, and select settings
  • Select the file manages link.
  • Click the Leave Family Group button on the left menu. You will then need to enter your Google password and confirm that you want to leave the group.
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You will no longer be a member of the Google Family Group and will lose access to YouTube TV Family Sharing.

Note If you leave Google Family Group, you will only be removed from the group. Your Google account will remain active along with all your personal Google services.

Remove family group from YouTube TV

The only person who can delete a family group is the person who created it: the family manager. Make sure you are logged into Google and YouTube TV with this account.

  • Access your YouTube TV account, select your profile photo, and select Settings.
  • Select Family Sharing from the left menu.
  • Select manage.
  • Select Delete family group from the left menu.
  • Re-enter the password and select Confirm button.

By deleting the group, you will only be able to use your subscription on YouTube TV.

YouTube TV Family Sharing Limitations

Think again if you plan to add friends or people from outside your family to your family group. YouTube TV identifies your or your family’s location through the Internet connection you use. This is also how YouTube TV provides location appropriate content.

Having set the home area as the family manager, if someone tries to access YouTube TV’s family sharing service from another location using another Wi-Fi, YouTube will block it. This is because everyone you provide your subscription to must live in the same household. One way to avoid this is to watch YouTube TV with mobile data, as long as you have a plan where you can consume that much data without significant charges.

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If your family group members never use the YouTube TV subscription, they will eventually be automatically deleted after 90 days and you will have to invite them again.

Finally, YouTube only allows you to use YouTube TV on 3 devices (not 5) simultaneously at home, according to the base plan. However, individual members could use more than one available device if they stream YouTube TV on multiple devices at the same time.

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